Interesting Online Innovations From Halifax

I attended today’s ‘Third Wednesday New Media Meet Up’ event at the Foggy Goggle in Halifax. The event is an informal monthly gathering of people in the city who are involved or just curious about new and social media, technology, the internet, and all possible applications of the above in life, business, advertising, and marketing.

These are always interesting events, one of (if not the only) event where you can get to meet the who’s who of Halifax’s tech-savvy innovative minds. Here we have the bloggers, the advertising creatives, the software gurus, and the entrepreneur dreamers congregating in one location for a bevvy and a chat. They share information, exchange cards, and discuss ways for project collaborations. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, and one that encourages innovation and social collaboration.

One such innovation came from a couple of Halifax developers that I met today (@coryschop and @JessyO), who just today launched a new Twitter application called “Tweepler”. They were featured on, one of the most popular technology review blogs out there.

The review can be found here. You can click here to visit and try Tweepler, or click on their logo below.


Halifax is full of young, innovative entrepreneurs. Can you imagine the possibilities if the city actually focused on nurturing these initiatives and providing our local talent with the resources they need to grow and florish?

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  1. Hey – This is a cool medium! Sounds like something I would like! Can someone contact me when the next new Media meet -up event is happening.

    Paul Viau

  2. Hi Paul,

    To be notified of upcoming new-media events, please visit

    Hope that helps!


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